Protection of the workers rights must not be understood in a way that these rights are only considered as protected efficiently, when the worker stays in his country and the employer goes bankrupt, with disregard to the fact that this worker can perform his work in another country in which there is an existing demand for the services provided by his employer.

Stefan Schwarz,
President of the Labour Mobility Initiative

We cannot allow some singular and uncommon examples of negative experience to determine the entire notion of the employers' cooperation within the Internal Market and we cannot allow these examples to become a reason for putting barriers.

Danuta Jazłowiecka,
Vicepresident of the EP Commission for employment and social affairs

The Internal Market is one of the biggest achievements in the European integration. We all should care about it.

prof. Maciej Szpunar,
Advocate General of the European Court of Justice

We are meeting here in Poland, because this country is no longer a supply base for the cheap workforce, but it is a country specialized in the provision of high-quality, flexible and competitive services in the European Union.

dr Marek Benio,
President of the Organizing Committee
IV Congress of the European Labour Mobility, 7-8 November 2016 Kraków


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The fourth edition of the largest recurring event in Europe dedicated to the posting of workers in the framework of the freedom to provide services on the European market will be held on
7 and 8 November at the ICE Congress Centre in Krakow.



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