II Europejski Kongres Mobilności Pracy, 7-8 kwietnia 2014 Kraków

On April 7th and 8th entrepreneurs, representatives of politics, administration and science met in Krakow in order to answer the most important questions regarding posting of workers and export of Polish services.


Can the resurgence of nationalism in Europe jeopardize the freedom to provide services?

Export of services as a key competitive advantage of Poland on the Internal Market.

Is active lobbying in Brussels the only method for survival for Polish posting companies?

Provision of services from Poland to other Member States is perceived as ‘social dumping’ – why the image of Polish companies in Europe is so negative?

Can workers be legally posted in the context of new regulations introducing further measures of national control?

Why do European and national bodies interpret provisions on posting of workers differently?

Are workers and service exporters from Poland threatened by discrimination on the Internal Market?

Guarantee of posted workers’ rights vs. freedom to provide services – searching for a compromise

In the experts’ opinion, is the ban on replacement of a posted worker by another (posted) worker leads to understanding of posting of workers as a one-time act?



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II European Labour Mobility Congress 7-8 Aprli 2014, Kraków: conference, posting of workers,
coordination of social security systems, enforcement of Directive 96/71/EC