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Labour Mobility Initiative



The LMI association has been operating since 2013. It offers knowledge and experience from practitioners, workers of public administration, and academics, creating a unique forum for dialogue in terms of the freedom of movement of workers and the freedom to provide services, in particular with respect to posting of workers and cross-border provision of services. As an active social partner Initiative contributes to law-making at the EU and national levels.

The LMI has three objectives:

  • to contribute to the improvement of the quality of law and its clear and uniform interpretation by expressing opinions on legal acts of importance for labour mobility, organising seminars, conferences, and congresses, supporting research, and ensuring transfer of knowledge between business, public administration, and the academia.
  • to support the mobility of workers and the persons that look for work by means of bringing together the groups that organise labour mobility and support the ideas of the freedom of movement of workers and the freedom to provide services on the internal market of the European Union.
  • to combat human trafficking and exploitation through education and the popularisation of safe and legal work abroad and warning about the dangers of illegal employment.

Cracow University of Economics


Cracow University of Economics (CUE) is a modern and well-managed academic institution, operating since 1925. It is one of the top university of economics in Poland, and an important academic and scientific research center. It is the second, after Warsaw University, biggest university in Poland in terms of the number of students sent abroad. CUE attaches particular importance tothe maintenance ofthelivingcooperationwith business practice. Universitymottois ‘Rerumcognoscerecausasetvalorem’ (‘To learn the causes andvalues of things’).