Minister Stanisław Szwed: Workers have the most to loose, including their jobs

Minister Stanisław Szwed: Workers have the most to loose, including their jobs

Polish Press Agency has published an interview with Stanisław Szwed, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy given to journalists at the IV European Labour Mobility Congress.

We are in talks, we have been looking for solutions, but according to our country the revision in this form is unsuitable for implementation – says Minister Szwed.

Minister stressed out several times that the revision proposed by the European Union will have adverse effects on polish economy, entrepreneurs and workers. We are strongly determined to maintain the resistance against this revision.

It does not mean that we do not see the drawbacks of the current provisions but, as a result of the revision of the Directive, the whole industry will suffer losses due to individual cases. Workers have the most to lose, including their jobs. There is still a gap in remuneration between our country and receiving States. It is extremely hard to equalise abruptly our remuneration with a German or French one.

The pace of the implementation of new solutions seems to have not only negative practical and economical solutions. The Directive will reinforce the division between Eastern and Western Europe. The freedom of movement may lead to another internal conflicts between the Member States.

To my mind, European Commission shall avoid the conflicts within the EU. We have been facing other problems like immigrants and Brexit that might be another flashpoint in relations between “Old European Union” and its new Members. This is not an appropriate solution. We should seek amicable solutions – he added.

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