Posting of workers:

for the weaker

or a threat
for the stronger?


EP plenary voted for state mandated protectionism – commentary from Stefan Schwarz

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Speech of Martina Dlabajová, MEP

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Deloitte: Partner of the V ELMC

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V Edition
European Labour Mobility Congress

Host City and Organizers

On 20-21 November at the ICE KRAKÓW Congress Centre, will be held the V ELMC, the biggest European event dedicated to the posting of workers within freedom to provide services on the EU market. Congress is co-organized by Polish Ministry of Economic Development and Kraków is the Host City.

Each year, the event brings together owners and board members of service companies, lawyers and practitioners, representatives from the politics and public administration and European decision makers who have impact on the lawmaking and interpretation of Polish and European regulations on the posting of workers.

Last year’s IV ELMC gathered over 400 participants. The keynote speeches were held by EU Commissioner Marianne Thyssen and Minister Stanisław Szwed.

Practical workshops for the employers were led by lawyers form Poland, Germany, France and Belgium and experts from Polish Social Insurance Institution and National Labour Inspectorate.


Marek Tejchman

The first day of V ELMC will be moderated by Marek Tejchman - Deputy Editor in Chief at Dziennik Gazeta Prawna Marek Tejchman is one of leading financial journalists in Central and Eastern Europe, specialized in analysing the role of the state in economy. He gained recognition describing rapid changes, which the region has undergone. Previously a television presenter at TVN CNBC.

Dziennik Gazeta Prawna is a Partner of V European Labour Mobility Congress.



Rules of the posting of workers are currently changing more often than ever before. Allegations made by politicians from Western Europe to employers from poorer Member States encourage the European Commission to systematically tighten up the regulations. Governments from Central and Eastern Europe are uniting in aim to protect their competetiveness, however we seem to get closer to a scenario in which Europe splits into the strong and rich which imposes unfavourable rules of access to the EU market to the weaker and poorer. In this political dispute the facts, and above all, the fate of workers and their employers, are becoming less and less important. The theme of this year’s edition is ‘Posting of workers: opportunity for the weaker or a threat for the stronger?’. Traditionally, on the first day of the Congress a Plenary Session will be held, and the second one will be practical and dedicated mainly to the business.

Programme Council

prof. Gertruda Uścińska

Polish Social Security Institution (ZUS)

Stefan Schwarz

Labour Mobility Initiative

Zsolt Darvas

PhD, Senior Fellow at the Brussels-based think-tank Bruegel

Leszek Mitrus

Professor of Law at the Jagiellonian University

Catherine Barnard

Professor of European Union Law at the University of Cambridge

Arkadiusz Sobczyk

Professor of Law at the Jagiellonian University

Magdalena Bernaciak

PhD, Senior researcher at the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI)

Frederic de Wispelaere

Senior research associate at Institute for Work and Society KU Leuven HIVA

Wanda Sułkowska

Professor, Head of the Department of Insurance of the Cracow University of Economics

Marek Benio

PhD, Cracow University of Economics


20 November



ICE Kraków Congress Centre

  • Experts’ panel
  • Social partners’ panel
  • Political panel

20 November



ICE Kraków Congress Centre

  • Artistic programme
  • Award ceremony
  • Formal banquet

21 November



ICE Kraków Congress Centre

  • Workshops for employers
  • Top lawyers
  • Experts from public administration
Paid admission

ELMC on camera

Participants' opinions

It was a very interesting professional experience, which allowed us to see the topic of workers’ mobility from a different perspective. It was also an opportunity to have many interesting discussions with companies which do not cooperate with us on a daily basis. In our opinion everything was buttoned up, which is not easy considering the importance of the event as well as the numer of participants and guests.

Barbara Kolimeczkow, PwC
ELMC enabled me to see the point of view and problems of Polish employers providing services on the EU Single Market.

Magdalena Bernaciak, PhD, European Trade Union Institute (ETUI)
Participation in the conference definietly changed my perception of the posting of workers. Possibility to meet representatives of other institutions: Ministries, academic and legal community, European Commission and posting companies made me realize how wide the topic is and how uch work there is still to do in this field. It is the only place, where all the 'parties' interested in the posting of workers meet, where you can listen to the experts and receive help and where the posting companies can talk about their problems.

Dorota Patecka, Polish Social Insurance Institution
LMI is the voice of Polish companies in the European Union. Due to their immense commitment, determination and expert work, LMI has gained recognition in Europe and is considered a reliable expert in the field of mobility and posting of workers. In this context, European Labour Mobility Congress is a really important event, recognized by important decision makers - both national and foreign. Congress is a place where without prejudice and limitations you can exchange views, discuss and make contacts with partners.

Danuta Jazłowiecka, Member of European Parliament
ELMC is a unique event in the European scale. Topic of the posting of workers used to be perceived as 'niche', 'sectoral' and difficult. However, the discussion on the posting of workers reflects direction of evolvement of the social and economic situation in the entire EU. ELMC organizers manage to meet national and EU decision makers, social partners, scholars and employers. During the meeting, During the meeting, complex, politically and socially controversial topics are tackled, and at the same time we have the guarantee that the discussion will be substantive and the subject will be presented in an accessible way.

Robert Lisicki, Lewiatan Confederation
Participation in the ELMC is an obligatory event in every employer's calendar. Level of knowledge in the debates and presence of excellent speakers makes it the most important annual event of this kind. At the workshops you can gain very useful and interesting information about the posting of workers to different countries. Meeting politicians or owners and managers of the leading companies in the sector gives a possibility to exchange ideas and establish cooperation. As a co-owner of a company operating at the Polish and French market, each year I take part in the Congress and I am very satisfied every time.

Wojciech Mroczkiewicz, AP VECTOR Employment Agency



Opened in 2014, the Centre is one of the most modern and prestigious event spots in Poland. The centre is a modern world class building, meeting the requirements of international congress organisations, as well as the highest acoustic and stage mechanics standards.Glass foyer facing the view of the Wawel Royal Castle and the organic design are only few of the qualities which put the ICE on a must-see list in Kraków.

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