16 November 2017

Deloitte webcast: international secondments. 7 steps you cannot skip when sending an employee to work abroad

A free online seminar, 22 November 2017, time 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon.

The labor law practically ignores the issue of international secondments. Employers do not know their obligations, nor are they aware of risks, threats or benefits related to employee migration.

Join the free Deloitte webcast focused on the key aspects of international secondment regarding PIT, social insurance and labor law.


1. Differences between a secondment and a business trip
2. Necessary documents
3. Taxes chargeable in Poland and abroad: taxation principles
4. Social and health insurance and its status in other countries
5. Payer’s obligations: things to remember
6. Recording worktime, annual leave and sick leave: important details.
7. Tax equalization policy: why is it good to have one?

During the seminar, Deloitte experts shall answer questions from the audience. The webcast is addressed to directors, managers, HR and payroll professionals, as well as to other individuals in charge of your personnel policy.

Note: the webcast will be held in Polish

SIGN UP – A detailed description of the webcast and a registration form are available on Deloitte website.

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