Organizers of the V European Labour Mobility Congress

Labour Mobility Initiative Association

Labour Mobility Initiative is an association of individual persons. It brings together employers, scholars, workers, politicians and public administration with a common idea to promote the freedom to provide services on the EU internal market.  Our aim is to create an open platform for cooperation and exchange of views about correct understanding of regulations on the posting of workers and freedom to provide services. This aim is brought into life through, among others, a series of workshops: the Legal Posting Lab and annual European Labour Mobility Congress.

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Polish Ministry of Economic Development

Polish Ministry of Economic Development – responsible for socio-economic development of Poland. One of the Ministry’s aims is supporting Polish companies in operating abroad and promoting the freedom flow of services. Ministry’s focus is on identyfying and removing barriers at the EU internal market so that cross-border business activity and service provision were not difficult to the Polish enterpreneurs. One of the important elements within the mentioned aim is supporting the Ministry of Family, Employment and Social Policy in their efforts to provide the most flexible solutions possible in the currently revised Directive on the Posting of workers in the framework of freedom to provide services. 

Freedom to provide services includes employers’ right to temporary provide services in other Member State. In the Ministry’s opinion, limiting this freedom is limiting the EU single market and economies of particular Member States. Ministry of Economic Development represents interests of the Polish companies and their workers at the EU forum and in contacts with other EU countries.

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