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Speakers of the ELMC are EU decision makers and experts in the field of European labour law and coordination of social security systems.

All speakers Day 1: plenary session Day 2: for business

Speakers Day 1: plenary session Day 2: for business

Elżbieta Bieńkowska

European Commission

From 2014 Commissioner for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs. From 2007 to 2013 Minister of Regional Development of Poland, senator of Poland from 2011 to 2014, from 2013 to 2014 Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland and Minister of Infrastructure and Development.
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Jadwiga Emilewicz

Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology

Appointed as minister of entrepreneurship and technology in 2018. From 2015 to 2018 undersecretary at the Polish Ministry of Economic Development. Previously Director of the Museum of Poland under the Communist Regime in Krakow. Between 1999-2002 she served in the Foreign Affairs Department at the Chancellery of the Prime Minister. Currently Member of the Regional Council of Małopolska. Graduate and PhD Candidate at the Jagiellonian University of Krakow.
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Prof. Gertruda Uścińska

Polish Social Insurance Institution (ZUS)

A professor, president of the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), head of the Social Security Department at the Institute of Social Policy at the University of Warsaw, professor at the Labor Law and Social Security Institute of the Institute of Labor and Social Affairs. Committee for Political Programs of the Polish Social Sciences, expert in programming and management (Warsaw University of Technology and Ghent, Max Planck Institute and others) Special, LAW, trESS, FreSsco), manager and expert in Polish and international projects. Author of many publications, social security, insurance and legal security.
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Danuta Jazłowiecka

European Parliament

Member of the Polish Parliament in 2005-2009. Since 2009 Member of the European Parliament (7th and 8th term). Responsible, among others, for issues related to labor mobility, protection of workers employed abroad, support for job creation initiatives, and elimination of administrative burdens on businesses. Winner of Labor Mobilis 2013. As the rapporteur on the Enforcement Directive on the posting of workers, she directed the work of the European Parliament related with the application of the document. The author of the opinions on European Fund for Strategic Investment and on the investment for growth and jobs.
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Anna Siwiecka

Polish Social Insurance Institution (ZUS)

Head of the International Insurance Department, Central Unit of Polish Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) Prominent practitioner and consultant. Expert on social security of workers posted abroad within the framework of free provision of services. First-rate expert in determining the applicable law and implementation of the Regulation (EC) No 883/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 29 April 2004 on the coordination of social security systems.
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Frederic De Wispelaere

University of Leuven

Frederic De Wispelaere is currently senior research associate at HIVA-KU Leuven. He holds a Master in Business Administration (EHSAL – Brussels) and a Master in corporate law (Ghent University – Law Faculty). He is currently involved in the Network Statistics on free movement of workers, social security coordination and fraud and error. This network is set up by the European Commission DG EMPL to collect and analyse statistics and administrative data on those three fields. Within this network he is among others responsible for the annual report on the posting of workers. Furthermore he has published several papers and reports on the use and impact of posting from a perspective of sending and receiving Member States.
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prof. Leszek Mitrus

Jagiellonian University

Lawyer. Professor at the Jagiellonian University. Author of approx. 90 publications in the field of labour law and social security law, including two books on the freedom of movement of workers. Specializes in labour law of the European Union. Member of the European Labour Law Network – a platform for dialogue between European labour law experts and European Commission’s official advisory board on issues relating to the labour law. Lecturer at many postgraduate trainings and trainings for judges. Member of the editorial board of the magazine ” Labour Law Monitor “.
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Prof. Dr. Stamatia Devetzi

Fulda University

Professor of Social Security Law at Fulda University of Applied Sciences, Germany. She studied law in Athens, Rome and Osnabrück, has a diploma in law from the Law Faculty of University of Athens (1994) and a PhD from Osnabrück University (1998). After working as a legal expert with the German Pensions Insurance Institution (1998-2003), in 2003 she became professor in Fulda. From 2011-2016 she was delegated as professor for Public Law and European Social Security Law at Osnabrück University. She has been active in teaching and research in the fields of Social Security, European Law and Law Comparison for over 20 years; expert in European Social Security Coordination issues.
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Marco Rocca, PhD

CNRS - University of Strasbourg

Dr. Marco Rocca is CNRS Researcher at the University of Strasbourg (UMR 7354 DRES), France, and Lecturer in European and International Labour Law (Université de Liège, Belgium). His doctoral research dealt with the relationship between posting of workers and collective labour law and has been published in the book “Posting of Workers and Collective Labour Law: There and Back Again. Between Internal Market and Fundamental Rights” (Intersentia, 2015). He is a member of the MEAT.UP.FFIRE project, financed by the European Commission DG EMPL, studying working conditions and industrial relations in the pork meat sector.
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Barbara Surdykowska

NSZZ Solidarność

Works in the Expert Office at National Committee NSZZ Solidarność, where she deals with legal support for trade union structures during various negotiations and an expert in NSZZ Solidarność in the Social Insurance Problem Team. Associate of the labour law department of the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw and correspondent of the Dublin Eurofound Foundation. Author of articles on, inter alia, European social dialogue, negotiations in transnational corporations and the role of trade unions in the European semester. The subject of research interests is the Europeanization of industrial relations.
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Hilde Thys


Hilde Thys is Lead International Employment at Agoria, the Belgian employer’s federation for the technological industry. She is Chair of the EU Committee at Ceemet, the European Tech and Industry Employers, representing 200.000 companies providing 35 million jobs. She has a mandate for the Belgian employers in the Consultative Committee of Free Movement of Workers. She has 20 years’ experience advising companies covering social, immigration and tax aspects with her team. Her hands-on practical and legal experience is useful in her contacts in Brussels. She knows precisely what questions companies have and where the bottlenecks are with regard to posting. She holds a Law Degree of Leuven University, and an LL.M. European Law of Stockholm University.
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Anita Debaere


Anita Debaere is Director of Pearle*-Live Performance Europe. This European sector federation counts, through its member associations, more than 10 000 organisations in the live performance sector across Europe. Pearle* is also recognised as European employers association, taking part in European sectoral social dialogue. Anita Debaere holds a master in Political and Social sciences and Communication Science from the University of Ghent. She also holds a post-degree in Arts Management from City University of London. Anita Debaere worked in the classical music sector and in the energy sector, before joining Pearle*. The issues of mobility have been a red thread throughout her career.
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Robert Lisicki

Confederation Lewiatan

Law graduate of the Warsaw University. He completed his legal counsel’s training in The Circuit Chamber of Legal Counsel in Warsaw and obtained his legal counsel qualifications. In 2004-2016 he worked in Labour Law Department of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, where since 2013 he held the post of Chief of International Labour Law Department. Participant in legislative works at the EU level (inter alia, Working Time Directive, Posting of Workers Directive) and national level (amendment of working time provisions and terminal contracts specified in Labour Code). He has been specialising in practical aspects of labour law, leading workshops and lectures on labour law. Author of publications on Polish and EU labour law. In Konfederacja Lewiatan he is responsible for coordination of social security systems and the area of international and labout law.
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Zbigniew Bartuś

Dziennik Polski, Polska Press

Moderator of the ELMC Plenary Session. Publicist, reporter, columnist and investigative and economic journalist of Dziennik Polski journal and Polska Press Group - leading local media in Poland. Longstanding head of the West Lesser Poland branch of Dziennik Polski. Laureate of numerous important rewards and distinctions in journalism - national (including Freedom of Speech award, Grand Press, Economic Journalist of the Year) and regional (Grand Prix of Lesser Poland Journalists). Board Member of the Memorial Foundation for the Victims of Auschwitz-Birkenau. Co-founder of the Rotary Club in Oświęcim, Member of the Alumni Association for participants of the US Department of State Programme.
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Maciej Zakrocki


Moderator of the ELMC Plenary Session. Graduate of the Faculty of Journalism of the University of Warsaw. He worked for TVP for almost 30 years, where he started with the very popular program "Sensations of the XX century". He has been dealing with European issues for over a dozen years, closely following the process of Poland's accession to the EU, throughout "Debate in Europe" - a programme for TVP INFO following each plenary session of the European Parliament. Maciej Zakrocki's second passion is social dialogue ("Tripartite Debate" cycle on TVP). In 2014 he joined TOK FM and conducts several programmes such as "What happended" and "European Magazine".
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Maria Sobieska

Wolters Kluwer // Experts' Village

Lawyer, expert of labour law, pays and social insurance as well as other areas from which duties result on the side of the employer and the employee. Those responsible in her current duties for creating legal opinions and the in-house consulting in current matters from the hard HR scope - in it of pays but also practical performance of tasks from this area. In her career she carried out projects to implement and the service of systems payroll payroll (pant, TETA) and of creating of the concept these systems under the angle of legal answers including internal needs of the customer.
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Hanna Stypułkowska-Goutierre

HSG Avocats // Experts' Village

Attorney at Law, President of Polchambers, Association of Polish Chambers of Commerce abroad, member of the Board of MEDEF Paris, Confederation of French Employers. For 35 years, he has been running the law firm HSG Avocats in Paris. She specializes in transactions and contracts as well as in French and almost almost work, including all of the practical and legal aspects of delegating employees to France. She has experience in legal counseling as well as in disputes in the field of law and commerce. For years, she has been helping and supporting Polish companies on the French and international market.
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Alina Winiarski

tradeoffice24.com GmbH, Poland Business Center World // Experts' Village

Co-owner of tradeoffice24.com GmbH with headquarters in Berlin and member of the board of the World Association Poland Business Center World with headquarters in Vienna. Since 1998, actively supports Polish companies in their expansion into European markets, especially on the German market. Together with its partners, it offers comprehensive consulting, setting up and running companies in Germany along with full legal, tax and office support. He has extensive practical experience in serving companies posting employees to Germany.
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Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing Piotr Winiarski

tradeoffice24.com GmbH, Poland Business Center World // Experts' Village

President and co-owner of tradeoffice24.com GmbH with headquarters in Berlin and president of the World Association Poland Business Center World with headquarters in Vienna. Renewed European European markets since 1998. And with technical services, taxes, services and office services. Expert in the field of marketing, technology, building the strategy of entering foreign markets.
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Marta Zięba-Szklarska

Światr Kadr // Experts’ Village

Owner of the company Świat Kadr. In 2002 she established own accountancy and advisory office. Member and expert of the club KPiE, expert of SAZ and EFFP Poland and FECIF EU, personal and business advisory (finance, administration, HR, PFRON).
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Marek Gadacz

CRIDO // Experts’ Village

Partner in CRIDO’s Tax Advisory Services Team. His area of specialization is personal taxation, including in particular tax planning advice, ongoing tax and social security settlements, asset transfer taxation, tax audits and tax-efficient business operations structures. He advises both businesses and individuals in respect of structures of employee remuneration and other sources of their income.Marek has a wealth of experience in tax advisory and has been in professional practice since 1997, when he started off his career in Arthur Andersen. He also worked for Ernst&Young, and spent several years as a senior manager at the tax team in PwC.
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Dominika Nowak

DLA Piper // Experts’ Village

Dominika Nowak advises clients on all aspects of labour law. In particular, she supports international companies in establishing and developing their business activities in Poland by preparing, implementing, and modifying employee-related legal documentation (e.g. internal rules and bonus policies), preparing and negotiating the terms and conditions of employment for senior managers. Dominika provides ongoing support to clients on individual labour law issues such as working time arrangements, discrimination, harassment, termination of employment, the financial and disciplinary liability of employees, and outsourcing. In addition, she advises on the employment law aspects of corporate transactions and collective redundancies, as well as on dispute resolution - both in court and out of court. Dominika heads the DLA Mobility practice in Poland, offering support on immigration matters such as the delegation of Polish and foreign employees and the legalisation of their stay and work abroad.
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Bernd Borgmann, PhD

Partner at DLA Piper

Dr. Bernd Borgmann advises company clients for 20 years and is experienced in all aspects of German and European employment law, in particular in critical situations such as collective bargaining and collective procedures. He also deals with compliance, employment litigation and employer-related social security issues. His work covers matters in employment-related data protection regulations; he was involved in many (trans-border) data protection projects in employment contexts, such as setting up international skill databases or exchanging HR data in a matrix organisation. He also focuses on outsourcing and post-merger restructurings and has frequently advised employers in turn-around management processes - from the initial planning to the final litigation of mass dismissal claims.
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Bruno De Pauw

Belgian National Social Security Office

Active in the field of international social security coordination since 1995, his primary field of expertise is the determination of the legislation applicable on a mobile worker. He currently works for the Belgian National Social Security Office as Advisor-general in charge of a team of dedicated experts in the Department for International Relations. Lawyer by education and civil servant, he covers the subject both from a juridical and practical point of view. As one of the architects of the LIMOSA declaration mechanism he is in charge of the management and the various updates of this online application.
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Steffen Pasler

ETL Rechtsanwälte

Lawyer, attorney-at-law since 1998, Geschäftsführer (CEO) at ETL Rechtsanwälte Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft. Certified specialist for labour and employment law as well as commercial and company law, head of the association employment law amongst ETL lawyers. He has particular experience in representing and advising several employers including nursing service companies especially concerning transborder issues. Currantly he is increasingly engaging himselfself in minimum wage law and his realization.
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Christophe Wilner

Wilner Avocats

He graduated from Université Paris-V where he obtained Master's degree in banking and financial law and business and tax law. Member of the Paris Bar. He is fluent in Polish, English and French. In his professional career he mainly do general business law, general taxation system and employment law incl. individual labor relations and criminal labor law.
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Margareta Przybyła

European Parliament

Adviser to Danuta Jazłowiecka MEP. Since 2009 Margareta Przybyła has been working in the European Parliament and following closely the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs. She has been working together with MEP Danuta Jazłowiecka on the Enforcement Directive on posting of workers as well as currently on the revision of the Posting of Workers Directive from 1996. She has graduated from the University of Economics in Poznań. She lives in Brussels since 2006 where she was gaining experience in the Permanent Representation of Poland to the EU as well as in EU public affairs. In the current term, the EP dealt with the Mobility Package, the revision of regulations regarding the coordination of social security systems, the establishment of the European Labour Authority or the directive on transparent and predictable employment conditions.
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Iwona Kasprzyk-Sowa

Parliamentary Advisor to MEP Danuta Jazłowiecka

Graduate of Universita’ degli Studi di Perugia and Universita’ degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza, at the Political Sciences department, Political advisor in the European Parliament since 2010, working for the Polish Member of the European Parliament Danuta Jazłowiecka, mainly with regards to the committee of employment and social affairs in the EP and in the field of public relations with regards to the political activity. Specialised in the field of work and services mobility in the EU internal market, with a main focus on posting of workers. Advisor at the legislative process including interinstitutional trilogues on the Enforcement Directive on Posting of workers 2014/67/UE in 2012-2014. Currently advising on the Mobility Package with a special focus on posting of drivers, revision of Social Security Coordination Regulations and the establishment of the European Labour Authority.
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Marta Bledniak, L.L.M.

Marta Bledniak Cabinet d'Avocats

Attorney Marta Błędniak is the founder of a Polish - French law firm in Toulouse, specializing in comprehensive legal services for companies and individuals, in particular Polish entrepreneurs already operating on the French market or intending to start operations in France. Attorney Marta Błędniak intervenes in the field of commercial law, commercial law, transport law, labor law and, in particular, provides comprehensive legal advice on the posting of employees (advances, episodes, minimum wages etc).
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Agnieszka Paszkowski


Agnieszka Paszkowski has a 12-year experience in French-Polish cooperation, she graduated in Finance and Banking at the Warsaw School of Economics and Management and Economics at the University of Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée. Since 2007 she is in charge of the French-Polish department at DBA whose role is to provide comprehensive solutions in the field of secondment, accounting, taxes, and social security for Polish companies operating on the French market. As part as her involvement in the French-Polish ecosystem and in cooperation with local administrations such as the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Paris, the Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Finance she is helping Polish investors and entrepreneurs to "understand" the complexity of the French market.
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Magdalena Grygorowicz

Crede Experto, Labour Mobility Initiative // Experts' Village

A supporter of global business operations, supporting Polish companies in expansion into European markets. Since 2005, as a certified accountant and owner of a tax office, she specializes in consultancy services in the field of cross-border employment, principles of providing services abroad, financial and management accounting, as well as financial management, business law, domestic and foreign tax law. She graduated from the Lodz University of Technology and the University of Lodz in the fields of Organization and Management, European Studies and Accounting and Financial Management. Education from the above scopes and engineering passion allows her to combine in the professional practice technical, legal issues, accounting and accounting with managerial issues and strategic management in Polish enterprises providing services abroad. He actively cooperates with companies from the construction, telecommunications and temporary work industries
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Jacek Krawczyk

President of the Employers' Group of the EESC

President of the Employers' Group of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), Vice-president of Confederation Lewiatan, the largest organisation of private sector employers in Poland. Between 2010 and 2013 he served as Vice-president of the EESC with responsibility for the budget. Former President of the EESC Transatlantic Relations Follow-up Committee (2015-18). Former CEO of several banks and companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Former chairman of supervisory boards of companies from various branches of the economy: IT, transportation, insurance and aviation. As well as holding a law degree from the University of Warsaw, Mr Krawczyk is also a graduate of the HEC in Paris and INSEAD in Fontainebleau and an Eisenhower Fellow.
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Krzysztof Balon

Vice-President of the Diversity Europe Group of the EESC

Was appointed member of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) in 2010 and President of the study group on the EESC opinion on the Revision of the Posting of workers directive, 2016 (SOC/541). In 2015 he was elected as Co-spokesperson of the Social Economy Category and in 2018 as Vice-President of the EESC Group III Diversity Europe. Born in Kraków (Poland), he is President of the Programming Committee of the Working Community of Associations of Social Organisations (an umbrella for more than 800 non-profit organisations) as well as Vice-President of the Polish Committee of the European Anti Poverty Network. Since 2003 he has also been member and 2012-2018 Co-President –representing non-governmental organisations –of the Public Benefit Council of the Republic of Poland (a consultative intersectoral legal body for the development of civil society).
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Carlos Trindade

Member of the Workers' Group of the EESC

Carlos Trindade has been the President of the EESC's Group on Immigration and Integration since 2018. He is also Rapporteur of the EESC opinion on a European Labour Authority, 2018 (SOC/580) and President of the Immigration and Integration Group of the EESC . Previously he was the President of EESC's Labour Market Observatory (2015-2018). Member of the Executive Committee and the National Council of the Portuguese General Workers' Confederation (CGTP-IN). He is also Chairman of the Board of the General Assembly of STAD (Union of Workers of Concierge, Surveillance, Cleaning, Household and Miscellaneous Activities). Carlos Trindade holds a degree in Sociology and a Master's degree in Modern and Contemporary History, specialising in international relations, from the University Institute of Lisbon (Instituto Universitário de Lisboa).
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Marcin Wojewódka, PhD

Wojewódka i Wspólnicy

Legal advisor, PhD in economics, owner of Wojewódka i Wspólnicy Sp. K., lawfirm specialized in labour law and social security system. Graduate of Law and Administration Faculty of Warsaw University. From 2016 to 2017 Vicepresident of the Polish Social Insurance Institution (ZUS).
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Paweł Kułaga

Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce

Chairman of the Committee on Labor Migration at the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce. Expert of the "Partnership and Employment" social campaign. President of board at Foreign Personnel Service Ltd. and Greygoose Outsourcing Ltd., the leading companies on the Polish foreigners labor market. Lawyer, alumni of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, scholarship holder at the University of Cambridge, PhD candidate at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow.
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Piotr Kozłowski


German attorney at law, founder of German legal and tax office KOZLOWSKI, specializes in providing legal services to Polish companies in Germany. He has broad professional experience in the field of German and international tax law, cross-border activities of Polish and international capital groups. Piotr Kozłowski graduated in Polish law from University of Szczecin and German law from Humboldt University of Berlin. He completed the multi-disciplinary post-graduate law and economics studies in Rostock (LL.M. in international business law). He completed his attorney’s training in the Landgericht Berlin. He received scholarships from federated state Mecklemburg-Vorpommern, University of Szczecin, international programme Socrates-Erasmus and Catholic University of America. He participated in “Columbus School of Law, The 2003 International Business and Trade” programme organized by The University of America. In addition to the headquarter in Berlin, KOZLOWSKI legal and tax office has agencies in Szczecin and Warsaw.
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Stefan Schwarz

Labour Mobility Initiative // Experts’ Village

President and co-founder of Labour Mobility Initiative, the European think-tank focusing on posting of workers and work mobility. Co-organiser of European Labour Mobility Conress. Vice President of Board of Polish HR Forum. Member of Labor Mobilis Competition Jury. The initiator of activities promoting successful fight against protectionist provisions of the proposal on the enforcement of Directive 2014/67/UE. Active member of public consultation. Expert of labour market. Popularizer of the idea of socially responsible business. Economist, graduate of Cracow University of Economics.
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Beata Donay

Wendler Tremml

Beata Donay graduated from University of Cologne. Since 2004 she has been an attorney (Rechtsanwältin) at WENDLER TREMML law firm in Düsseldorf. Her main practice is advising foreign companies that post workers to Germany. She specializes in labour law, especially in posting of workers and cross-border services with a focus on labour law and social security systems. Mrs. Donay is co-author of the handbook "ABC of Polish entrepreneurship in Germany" concerning inspections conducted by German offices and institutions, released by the Trade and Investment Promotion Section of the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Cologne.
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Marcin Kiełbasa, PhD

Labour Mobility Initiative // Experts’ Village

PhD in Law, Jagiellonian University (specialism: European Law). Italian and English translator (inter alia, translated Polish Civil Code into English). Lecturer at the Department of UNESCO UJ in the field of legal english translation studies. Graduate of the barrister's training in OIRP Krakow and American Law School UJ organized in the cooperation with The Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law. Specialises in EU Economic Law with particular regard to EU Internal Market law, posting of workers and cross-border labour and social security law.
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Marek Benio, PhD

Labour Mobility Initiative // Experts’ Village

Lawyer and Economist. Vice President of Labour Mobility Initiative Association. Honorary Member of the Polish Social Security Association. Academic teacher. Expert in social security and labour law. Author of research and key legal opinions on the enforcement and basic Posting of Workers Directives and social security coordination. Participant of public consultations. Contributor to many international research and training programmes. Author of numerous publications on social security, labour law, public economy and administration. Supervisor of over 200 MA and diploma theses. Listed top ten best lecturers at the Cracow University of Economics
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