You can find the agenda of VI European Labour Mobility Congress below

Day 1 Day 2

THURSDAY, 14 March 2019

The co-organizers of the plenary session are the Ministry of Enterpreneurship and Technology and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Experts' Village will be the accompanying event. The attendees of the Congress will be able to participate in individual consultations with experts, lawyers and representatives of the ELMC ‘s Partners.
Official banquet with the view of the Wawel Castle will be held in the evening in the ICE Krakow Congress Center.

Translation into Polish, English, German and French will be provided during the whole plenary session.

Download pdf file with the first day agenda (updated: 12.03.2019)

9:00 till 10:00

Registration and good morning coffee
Experts' Village

10:00 till 10:30

Opening addresses

Jadwiga Emilewicz
Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology

Stefan Schwarz
President of the Labour Mobility Initiative Association

10:30 till 11:10

Hot Chair

Jadwiga Emilewicz
Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology

Zbigniew Bartuś
Dziennik Polski

11:10 till 11:30

Keynote Address: Changing Paths of the Coordination of Social Security Systems

Prof. Gertruda Uścińska
President of the Polish Social Insurance Institution (ZUS)

11:30 till 11:50

Keynote Address: Why Posting of Workers is Essential for the Future of the Single Market?

Jacek Krawczyk
President of the Employers' Group of the EESC

11:50 till 12:15

Coffee break
Experts' Village

12:15 till 13:30

Forgotten Sectors of the Posting of Workers

Anita Debaere
Performing Arts Employers Associations League Europe (PEARLE) [Belgium]

Marco Rocca, PhD
Maison Interuniversitaire des Sciences de l’Homme-Alsace (MISHA) [France]

Hilde Thys
Agoria [Belgium]

Frederic De Wispelaere
HIVA Research Institute for Work and Society, KU Leuven [Belgium]

13:30 till 14:30

Experts' Village

14:30 till 15:45

Social Security of Posted and Sent Workers

Prof. Stamatia Devetzi
Fulda University of Applied Sciences

Robert Lisicki
Confederation Lewiatan

Barbara Surdykowska
NSZZ Solidarność

Marek Benio, PhD
Labour Mobility Initiative Association

15:45 till 16:15

Coffee break
Experts' Village

16:15 till 17:45

The EU Legislative Process as regards Posting of Workers:
the Role of the Organised Civil Society

Debate under auspices of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC)

Jacek Krawczyk
President of the Employers' Group of the EESC

Carlos Trindade
Member of the Workers' Group of the EESC

Krzysztof Balon
Vice-President of the Diversity Europe Group of the EESC

Maciej Zakrocki
Journalist, TOK FM

Wrap-up of the discussion:
Prof. Leszek Mitrus
Jagiellonian University

17:45 till 18:00

Closing remarks

18:00 till 20:00


20:00 till 23:00

Evening banquet with a view


Afterparty for the restless (Forum Przestrzenie)

FRIDAY, 15 March 2019

Second day workshops are dedicated to companies that provide services in the Single Market. The workshops are run by lawyers and experts from Poland, Germany, France and Belgium.
Civil Society Dialogue is co-organized by the European Commission. It’s a Q&A session, during which the participants will have an opportunity to discuss the issues of work mobility and the Single Market and receive answers directly from Commissioner Elżbieta Bieńkowska.

We provide translation into Polish of all panels and workshops, and we provide translation into English, German and French for selected panels and workshops (details below).

Download pdf file with the second day agenda (updated: 11.03.2019)

8:30 till 9:00

Registration and good morning coffee

09:00 till 12:50

Practical workshops for business

ROOM Podgórze

9:00 - 10:00
Applicable Legislation in Social Security. Q&A Session on Practical Issues related to A1 Portable Documents

Anna Siwiecka
Polish Social Insurance Institution

Languages: PL/EN/DE

10:10 - 11:40
How to Legally Post Workers to Germany? Obligations and Challenges as seen by Polish and German Lawyers

Dominika Nowak & Bernd Borgmann, PhD
DLA Piper

Languages: PL/EN/DE

11:50 - 12:50
Provision of Services in the EU - News from the European Parliament

Danuta Jazłowiecka (MEP), Iwona Kasprzyk, Margareta Przybyła
European Parliament

Languages: PL/EN/DE

ROOM Nowa Huta

9:00 - 10:00
Cross-Border Hiring Out Workers to Germany - New Obligations of Temporary Employment Undertakings following Amendments to the AÜG Act. Provision of Services in Germany in the Light of PWD Amendments

Beata Donay
Wendler Tremml Rechtsanwälte

Language: PL

10:10 - 10:40
‘Partnership & Employment’ – campaign by Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce

Paweł Kułaga
President of the Migration and Employment Committee at the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce

Language: PL

11:50 - 12:50
Posting Workers to France. Latest Amendments to French Law and Jurisprudence

Marta Bledniak, Agnieszka Paszkowski & Zuzanna Piotrowska
Marta Bledniak Cabinet d'Avocats, DBA & HSG Avocats

Languages: PL/FR

12:50 till 13:00

Coffee break

13:00 till 14:00

Citizens' Dialogue on the Future of the Internal Market

Elżbieta Bieńkowska
EU Commissioner for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs

Languages: PL/EN/DE

14:00 till 15:00


15:00 till 18:10

Practical workshops for business

ROOM Podgórze

15:00 - 16:00
How to Post a Third Country National to Germany? German Law Requirements and Practical Considerations taking into account also the Legislative Initiative: Immigration of Skilled Workers from non-EU Countries

Steffen Pasler
ETL Rechtsanwälte

Languages: DE/PL

16:05 - 17:05
Third Country Nationals. Legal Residence, Legal Work, Legal Posting

Marta Zięba-Szklarska
Świat Kadr, Labour Mobility Initiative Association

Languages: PL/DE

17:10 - 18:10
Posting of Workers to Germany – a Boundary between Construction Services and Assembly Services in Germany

Piotr Kozłowski

Languages: PL/DE

ROOM Bronowice

15:00 - 16:00
Posting Workers Abroad - How to Act, What to Remember of? Selected Issues concerning Personal Income Tax, Social Security and Labour Law

Marek Gadacz

Languages: PL/EN

16:05 - 17:05
Posting Workers to Belgium: A1 & Limosa

Bruno De Pauw
Belgian National Social Security Office

Languages: EN/PL

ROOM Nowa Huta

15:00 - 16:00
French Inspection at a Posting Undertaking: Steps to be Taken, Issues to Remember, Defences to be Raised

Christophe Wilner
Wilner Avocats

Languages: FR/PL

16:05 - 17:05
How to Post Workers Successfully? A Model Step-by-Step Posting Procedure Shown in Practical Terms

Magdalena Grygorowicz
Crede Experto, Labour Mobility Initiative Association

Language: PL

17:10 - 18:10
Employee Saving Plans. Challenge for Posted Workers

Marcin Wojewódka, PhD
Wojewódka i Wspólnicy

Language: PL