16 January 2018

Posting of workers: disease or symptom? Speech by prof. Danny Pieters

Keynote Speaker of V ELMC: Prof. Danny Pieters

During the V European Labour Mobility Congress we had the pleasure to host as our Special Guest, professor Danny Pieters of KU Leuven.

As one of the greatest European experts on social systems, prof. Pieters presented a broad view of the key issues in the middle of this debate.

Posting of workers: disease or a symptom?

In the view of prof. Pieters the main problem of current laws on posting of workers is chaotic coordination of social security systems. On the one hand, rules regarding contributions and entitlements vary widely across the Union. On the other hand – the workers themselves are ever more mobile.

Labour mobility – pensions mobility

In his keynote speech, Danny Pieters summarised the possible solutions for challanges ahead of the European social security and social union. However ambitious they may seem, the constantly changing labour market needs bold reforms.

You can find the whole speech in both the written version, as well as the video of the Congress.


Nagranie wystąpienia: DANNY PIETERS na V ELMC (od 1:40:30)

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