17 July 2017

Deputy Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki will give an opening speech at the ELMC

V European Labour Mobility Congress will be held on 20-21 November 2017 in the Congress Centre ICE Kraków. First day’s plenary session will be inaugurated by the Polish Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economic Development and Finance Mateusz Morawiecki.

For the first time, the ELMC is co-organized by the Polish Ministry of Economic Development.

‘We are concerned that introducing protectionist rules, especially regarding the Polish companies, which have found themselves a market in Western Europe. We are not  Obawiamy się wprowadzania reguł protekcjonistycznych szczególnie wobec polskich firm, które znalazły już sobie rynek w zachodniej Europie. We are not fully at ease with the way of proceeding the revision proposal of the Posting of workers Directive by the European Commission, because the voice of our widely-built coalition (of Member States) was not taken into account in the works on the Directive – said the Deputy PM Morawiecki. 

In the European Parliament and the Council, negotiations on changing the rules of the posting of workers are coming to an end. Revision of the Directive might cause loss of jobs of even 900 000 Polish specialists. The topis is very up-to-the-minute and widely discussed in the Western Europe as well. In France its presence was noticeable during the presidential campaign and it has become one of the fields of interest of the newly elected President Emmanuel Macron.

During the ELMC speakres will raise problems and legal changes related to the posting of workers and present possible solutions. Participants of both days are owners and board members of companies, providing services in the EU, representing sectors such as construction, homecare or transport. Speakers are representatives of EU institutions, the government and public administration, researchers and scholars from renowned European universities and institutions such as European Commission, Parliament, CJEU, Polish Social Insurance Institution and National Labour Inspectorate.

Congress has a varied offer. During the first day, you will be able to meet decision makers who have impact on the lawmaking and legal changes which will affect companies prociding services at the EU market. Among the guests are MEPs, government representatives and public administration. It is also an opportunity for the employers and workers to present their opinions and position papers. The evening is celebrated with a formal Gala and awarding ceremony of the Labor Mobilis Honorary Award. The idea behind Labor Mobilis Honorary Award is to appreciate outstanding achievements and special contributions to work and service mobility. Previous laureates are Danuta Jazłowiecka, MEP, Minister Radosław Mleczko and Commissioner László Andor.


Second day is mainly dedicated to employers providing services outside of the EU – requesting the PDA1 forms on a daily basis or responsible for contacting the inspection bodies in host countries. Workshops are held by experienced lawyers from different EU countries.

Inventor and main organizer of the ELMC is Labour Mobility Initiative Association – leading European think tank specialized in the field of the posting of workers and labour mobility. 

Picture source: Polish ministry of Economic Development

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