21 December 2018

Experts’ Village – the new accompanying event

For the very first time, the attendees of the European Labor Mobility Congress will be able to participate in individual consultations with experts, lawyers and representatives of the ELMC ‘s Partners.

During the 1st  day of the 6th  European Labour  Mobility Congress (14.03.2019), in the heart of ICE Krakow Congress Centre, we will build the Expert’s Village for you – a special zone in which Congress’ participants are going to have the opportunity to discuss current problems and legal and practical issues. Village is also a place which allows lawyers, experts and representatives of the ELMC ‘s Partners to directly contact their target group – people seeking advice and consultation in specific areas related to the business.

Participants of the side event have the opportunity to get acquainted with the areas in which the expert specializes and to book the date of consultation (by e-mail or EKMP application). Consultations are up to 15 minutes – their purpose is not to solve the problem or to receive advice “on the spot”, but rather to discuss with the participant areas in which he needs support and building a preliminary relationship with an expert. The expert himself has the opportunity to establish direct contact and relations with potential clients.

For business

This type of accompanying event was created in addition to the last year’s Business Fair, during which companies, offering solutions for entrepreneurs providing cross-border services or large employment agencies, were able to present them to the participants in a friendly atmosphere.

We’ve  noticed that entrepreneurs willingly used the opportunity to learn about these types of offers. That’s why we expanded the group of experts and diversified the categories of consultations offered to participants of the ELMC, giving the opportunity to meet and individual conversations in a cozy environment too.

All of you, who are interested in the consultation space in the Expert Village are kindly invited to contact the ELMC Organizing Committee. The entrepreneurs seeking consultancy services we invite to track information on our website, in newsletters and social media.

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