22 September 2017

Final phase of preparations for the V ELMC

Preparations for the V European Labour Mobility Congress are entering their busy last phase. We have already received confirmation from 17 speakers from 7 EU countries. The detailed agenda of the event is coming soon, and the registration for participants will be open early in October.

The main subcjet of this year’s Congress is the question, if posting of workers is a chance for the weaker or a threat for the stronger. This dilemma stands now right in the middle of the debate on revising the posting of workers directive. The works in the European Parliament are reaching their very last stretch and the vote in the EMPL Committee. The plenary vote is likely to take place between late year 2017 and early 2018 . The goal of the undergoing process is to work out a compromise acceptable for all sides – ‘old’ and ‘new’ member states, both countries sending and receiving labour force. These stakes are high as ever, and it will be upon experts invited to our Congress to present possible solutions.

This subject – revision of the posting of workers directive, as well as the draft amendments to regulations will dominate the official and plenary meetings on the first day of ELMC. The second day is dedicated to employers and professionals active on the European cross-border services market. We aim to give advice based on hands-on experience from the best lawyers practicing in the areas of labour and social security systems of the countries receiving most posted workers: Germany, France and Belgium.

Coordination of social security systems - one of the main subjects of our Congress

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