8 August 2017

Note! Change of dates of the V ELMC!

We would like to inform you about new date of V European Labour Mobility Congress. The event will be held in the Congress Centre ICE in Kraków on 20-21 November 2017. The reason of this change is unavailability of invited members of European Commision in previously planned dates due to the College of Commissioners, which will take place in the same time.

European Labour Mobility Congress is an annual event organized by Labour Mobility Initiative Association. Coorganizer of V ELMC is Polish Ministry of Economic Development. More detailed information, including registration form, will be given in September, however we encourage to save the Congress date in your calendar.

Main theme of this year’s edition is: “Posting of workers: opportunity for the weaker or threat for the stronger?”. Traditionally, on the first day of the Congress a Plenary Session will be held. Second day will be more practical, dedicated mainly to the business.

On the first day of the Congress, together with experts, scientists, representatives of administration and politics we will be looking for an answear on the question: “Is equal pay for equal work fair, if it’s in the same place?”. During panel discussion we will talk about i.a. influence of posting of workers on local economy in hosting countries as well as about displacement effect and releasing potential of labour market in these countries. The topic of posting of workers as remedium on “social dumping” will be taken as well.

Programme includes very topical subject of barriers in providing services i.a. Moliere clause, discriminatory control practices or cross-border labour costs. Specialists wil bring up the topic of social security of posted workers and underline the differences between significant activity, marginal activity and substitution. Agenda includes: case studies on frauds and best practices in posting of workers and final debate on the future of posting of workers.

The initiator and main organizer is Labour Mobility Initiative Association – the biggest think tank in Europe specialized in posting of workers.

Posting of workers: opportunity of the weaker or a threat for the stronger?

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