Organizers of the V European Labour Mobility Congress

Labour Mobility Initiative Association

Labour Mobility Initiative is an association of individual persons. It brings together employers, scholars, workers, politicians and public administration with a common idea to promote the freedom to provide services on the EU internal market.  Our aim is to create an open platform for cooperation and exchange of views about correct understanding of regulations on the posting of workers and freedom to provide services. This aim is brought into life through, among others, a series of workshops: the Legal Posting Lab and annual European Labour Mobility Congress. More information:

Polish Ministry of Economic Development

Polish Ministry of Economic Development supports Polish companies in their activities abroad and promotes the free flow of services. The Ministry focuses its activities on identifying and removing barriers on the EU internal market, so that cross-border business and service provision does not entail unjustified restrictions. The freedom to provide services includes the right of entrepreneurs to temporarily provide services in another Member State and to post their employees  for the purpose of providing this service. In the opinion of the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology, limiting this freedom means limiting the competitiveness of the EU and the economies of Member States. The Ministry presents the interests of Polish entrepreneurs and their employees in the EU and in bilateral contacts with the other Member States. For more information:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The mission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to pursue the interests of the Republic of Poland through European and global cooperation for security, democracy and development. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a government agency providing comprehensive support to the minister competent for foreign affairs and to the minister competent for matters associated with Poland’s membership of the European Union. The activities pursued by Polish diplomacy reflect the directions set out in the Polish Foreign Policy Strategy for 2017-2021, which was developed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and approved by the Council of Ministers. The long-term strategy defines three main priorities: security, economic growth and Poland’s global image. To perform these tasks, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs engages in international cooperation at a global, regional and bilateral level. The MFA participates in or monitors central political, economic and social processes, which take place on a global scale and in our international surroundings, through an active priority-oriented sectoral policy. For more information:

European Commission

The European Commission is one of the main institutions of the European Union. Its competencies include, among other things, the implementation of EU policies in specific areas, ensuring the application of EU law and fund management. It is made up of a College of Commissioners, composed of one Commissioner from each Member State. The European Commission has offices in all 28 Member States of the European Union. In Poland, the Representation of the European Commission is based in Warsaw, and the Regional EC Representation in Wrocław. Poland is among the few largest Member States hosting more than one representation of the European Commission.