28 September 2017

Posted workers in the EU: Marek Benio on changing the directive

Following the visit of French president Emmanuel Macron in Central Europe, media widely reported on the issue of posting workers. Here is a short list of comments from Marek Benio, Vice-Chair of the Labour Mobility Initiative given to the press.

Benio for ‘Gazeta Wyborcza’: France wants to play us.

In his interview to ‘GW’ Marek Benio underlined, that the main consequence of changing the directive will be increased uncertainty of law and new legal obstacles to the detriment of small and middle-sized enterprises from Central and Eastern Europe, as well as of their employees.

Dr Benio dla Gazety Wyborczej: Francja chce nas ograć

Posting of workers – agreement across the Aisle

Speaking to Radio Kraków, the Vice-Chair of LMI noted that the issue of posting of workers remains a common cause for all Polish political parties. Changes to the directive, currently pending in the European Parliament are seen as a threat to the free movement of services enshrined in the EU treaties.

Delegowanie pracowników – ponad podziałami

‘Puls HR’ on posting workers

The subject of labour mobility and transportation in Europe recived coverage from the branch magazine, Puls HR. According to our expert, the success of Polish companies in the cross-border sector lies with their elasticity and will to adapt to specific niche markets.ów/

Diplomatic crisis between Poland and France. Who is right?

A long form article on Franco-Polish relations appeared also on the website Marek Benio was quoted saying, that the main goal of the directive’s ammendments appears to be elevate the costs of cross-border services in the European Union.,nId,2434289

‘Gazeta Wyborcza’: The French are pushing through a law, which will undermine companies sending their Polish employees in the EU

‘GW’ published an article presenting main problems of free flow of services to France from other EU countries, as well as a brief summary of proposed changes.

GW: Francuzi forsują prawo, które uderzy w firmy delegujące polskich pracowników do pracy w UE

Final phase of preparations for the V ELMC

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