24 July 2017

Posting of workers: opportunity of the weaker or a threat for the stronger?

Rules of the posting of workers are currently changing more often than ever before. Allegations made by Western European politicians towards employers from poorer Member States encourage the European Commission to systematically tightening regulations. The latest Commission’s project envisages that an employer is obliged to pay the same remuneration to a posted worker – a worker temporary sent by an employer to work in other EU Member State, as the remuneration received by the local workers from local employers, which causes lots of controversia and emotions.

Poland opposes the project because it will affect Polish companies and workplaces. Governments of Eastern and Central European countries unite to protect their competitiveness, however a scenario in which Europe divides into the rich and strong countries imposing unvavourable rules of access to the EU market on the weaker and poorer Eastern and Central European countries. In this political dispute, the facts, and above all, the fate of workers and their employers are less and less important. The final decision is still pending and is expected to be resolved during the Presidency of Estonia.

Posting of workers is traditionally the main topic of the European Labour Mobility Congress, which will be held on 20-21 November 2017 in Kraków. This year’s theme is:

“Posting of workers: opportunity for the weaker or a threat for the stronger?” 

During the first day a plenary session is planned and the second is dedicated to the business, with focus on the practical aspects of the issue. Among the guests there are representatives of EU institutions and the government, lawyers and scholars. Representatives of trade uniones end employers’ organizations also participate in the discussions.

Leading lawyers from the Member States to which biggest number of the workers is posted, with experience in the European labour law and social insurance, will hold workshops for the participants on the second day. During these workshops, employers receive anwers to questions raised on a daily basis by those involved in the posting of workers. Many companies struggle with the problem of  lack of access to the knowledge, especially that the internet is full of outdated and misleading advices on the issue. At the workshops, everyone can find something valuable: basic and advanced knowledge related to particular sector or legal systems of different host Member States.

We estimate that due to the most intense works in the European Parliament and the Council on the revision proposal of the Directive on the posting of workers, this edition will host the record number of participants, mainly employers providing cross-border services on the EU market.

Inventor and main organizer of the ELMC is Labour Mobility Initiative Association – leading European think tank specialized in the field of the posting of workers and labour mobility. 


Deputy Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki will give an opening speech at the ELMC

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