2 October 2017

Posting of workers: panel of experts on V ELMC.

V ELMC is entering the last phase of preparation and new details of the agenda are revealed every day. One of the panel discussions on the first day of the Congress will be dedicated to the revision of the directive on posting of workers. Leading politicians, social partners, analysts and senior public servants will present and discuss newest data and research on the subject.

Works on changing the posting of workers directive are already well underway, with the vote in European Parliament’s Committee on Employment and Social Affairs scheduled on October 16, followed by the plenary vote at the end of this year or in early 2018. At the moment, discussions are centered on finding a compromise, which could be acceptable for all parties involved – “old” and “new” member states, countries sending and hosting workers, as well as both the employers and employees. Our goal is to create a space for a fact-based exchange of views, paying special attention to the threat of illegal employment and possible risks for law-abiding businesses.

What is the EU labour market going to look like? What does the directive’s revision mean to european companies and their employees? All of these questions will be adressed by leading experts on the first day of V ELMC.


Posted workers in the EU: Marek Benio on changing the directive

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