29 December 2017

Speech of Commissioner Marianne Thyssen for V ELMC

Commisioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility in the European Commission, Marianne Thyssen sent us a special speech for the V European Labour Mobility Congress.

In her short speech to participants of the Congress, the Commissioner mentioned recent progress in work on legislation concerning the labour market in the European Union.

  • Revision of the directive on posting of workers (PWD) moving through the Parliament and the EU Council
  • Proposal of the Commission to adjust the legislation of posting of workers to the road transport sector
  • Ongoing reform of the coordination of social security systems
  • Assesment of the transposition of current posting of workers directive to national legislation
  • Introducing the European Social Pillar and the European Labour Authority
  • Progress on the European Service Card and the european social security numer.

Commissioner Thyssen mentioned her participation in the III and IV edition of the Congress and underlined the importance of this cooperation.


Marianne Thyssen: V EKMP

Eulogy for Laureates of the Labor Mobilis Honorary Award 2017

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