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Thematics « European Labour Mobility Congress – LMI


European Labour Mobility Congress is the biggest annual event in Europe dedicated to the posting of workers in the framework of the provision of services. It provides a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience of all parties interested in the subject of the posting of workers including businesses, non-governmental organisations, institutions, as well as academic and legal experts.

Participants of the 4th Congress will receive specific knowledge on European policy, the applicable rules and their correct interpretation in regard to work mobility. On the first day outstanding guests like commissioner Marianne Thyssen, Danuta Jazłowiecka, Vice-Chair of EMPL Committee and Martina Dlabajova, as well as the best European researchers and academic including Catherine Barnard, Mijke Houversejl and Frederic de Wispelaere will take part in plenary sessions.

Participants will also receive answers to questions and solutions to specific problems, especially on the second day of the Congress, focused on workshops conducted by prominent representatives from legal milieu.

The theme of the IV European Labour Mobility Congress is “Posting of workers – perception vs. reality”.


This year’s Congress, as in the previous year, has been divided into two blocks:

7 November 2016

On the first day of the Congress, we will deal with issues having a more political nature and related to the future of the posting of workers. We want to focus on three main topics, which are now essential for any company posting workers, as well as for the Polish economy. Firstly, it will be issues related to implementation of the Enforcement Directive 2014/67/EU into national law, with particular emphasis on the situation of Poland. Secondly, issues related to the so-called Mobility Package, under which the procedure for the amendment of the basic Directive 96/71/EC has already started. Work in this regard has been ongoing in the European Parliament and the Council. From our speakers we will try to obtain information about the direction of changes and the anticipated date of adopting the new Directive. Part of the time will also be dedicated to discussing the actions taken in connection with the violation of EU law by Member States and discrimination of Polish service companies by foreign audit institutions.

8 November 2016

Posting of workers in the framework of the free movement of services is not an easy issue. The law governing it is inconsistent and creates many problems for employers in terms of its practical application. The problems relate to many aspects of labour law, insurance and taxes, related to the provision of services outside the country. The entire second day of the Congress will be devoted to practical legal problems, during which experts in the field of labour law and the coordination of social insurance will be at your disposal. We will focus on the correct understanding and interpretation of the rules of current law. There will also be case studies, illustrating the critical issues concerning the posting of workers, affecting businesses on a daily basis. We hope that an expert from the headquarters of the Social Insurance Institution will lead practical workshops according to our annual tradition.

Participants will have the opportunity to send questions and descriptions of difficult cases to experts before the Congress using a specially prepared form.